Saturday, 4 May 2013

Overnight Lows

Last night I went low at about 3:30 am.  I got out of bed and had to go to the bathroom.  Normally I would just walk to the bathroom like a regular person.  Last night I was wobbly when I stood up, then I was blindly staggering around the bedroom with my hands searching for the doorknob to the bathroom.  I thought "This is weird".  Then I got really hungry.  Starving.  It clicked "I must be low". 

I rarely go low during the night so this was a little scary/strange.  My wife came down and found me in the kitchen eating.  She was a little worried as this is not normal for me.  I started to feel better and made my way back to bed. 

There were some odd things about this episode.  I have gone hypo before but never quite like this. 

The strangest thing about this whole episode is that today I felt absolutely awful.  The worst I have felt in months.  I had absolutely no energy.  I could barely make if off the couch and then when my wife got home I had a two hour nap.  Did I mention that even with my interrupted sleep the night before I still got 9 hours of sleep.  I have never experienced a hypo hangover like this before.  They usually last only about an hour or two and then I feel better.

Another odd thing about this hypo is that I wasn't actually in the hypo range.  I was at 4.8.  Usually I feel OK at that level but not last night.  I think I could have had a rapid drop from a level of 10 to 4.8 in about two hours so that may be the reason I felt so out of it.

The last strange thing about this even is there was no reason I could see why it happened.  Usually if I go low I know that I gave myself too much insulin before going for a walk, or I overestimated the amount of carbs in a meal, etc.  This time I could find no difference in my pattern to lead to the hypo.  My wife did mention one thing tonight and it made total sense.   We were out for supper with our brother in law and I had two beers.  When we got home he and I had a rum and diet Pepsi.  So I had 3 drinks over a 4 hour period.  I would not think this would effect my blood sugars that much but perhaps that is the reason.  I have drank a lot more than that in the past with no negative consequences...(other than the actually hangover in the morning).

Or perhaps this was just one of those strange random diabetic events.  Sometimes weird things happen with no reason and we just have to deal with it.  I think I may have to resort to having some juice in my nightstand though.  Just to be safe. 

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